Build scalable, native integrations with the data sources your customers use 10x faster.

hotglue – sample sources

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Watch the demo

See what a hotglue-powered integration experience looks like in action.

Build integrations your users will love

Offer your next SaaS integration to customers in four steps.
Choose source app

Support the most widely used data sources out of the box, or add your own connectors using the open source Singer framework.

Browse our supported sources.
hotglue - choose source app
Format the data

Cherry pick the data you need instead of querying APIs directly.

Create and run Python preprocessing scripts so data comes in exactly how you want it.

hotglue - format the data
Send to backend

hotglue will send new user data to your backend as it is available, and notify you via webhook.

Read more in the docs.
hotglue - backend
Embed hotglue

Embed the hotglue widget into your product to enable your customers to connect and configure their data without leaving your application.

hotglue - backend

Embeddable interface

Embed the hotglue widget into your web app to give users a seamless integration experience.

Learn more

Avoid dealing with non-standardized APIs

SaaS APIs are far from unified – extract the data you need before it reaches your product.

Pre-process the data
Compose simple transform scripts using the Python libraries to standardize data before it gets to your backend
Choose what you need
Instead of trying to finagle huge JSON payloads in your API, cherry pick the data you need. Set it once, and forget it.
hotglue - disparate api schemas

Intuitive job management

Control when and how customer data syncs. Run jobs on a schedule, manually, or via the hotglue API

Read the docs

Case Studies

Learn how hotglue is helping engineering teams around the world deliver great integrations.

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